• Calming Cookies MINT

Calming Cookies MINT

  • Brand: Le Mieux
  • Product Code: Calming cookies
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Our favourite Features:

SUPER EASY TO ADMINISTER who's horse don't like get given treats? 

Comes in a resealable bag  keeping the other cookies fresh for you to use on another day.

comes in a pack of 10 cookies 

competition safe- perfect for your hot headed eventurely or stressey dressage diva. 

Ideal for the horse that hates the syringe types of calmers. 

This product has also been a great help with the nerves for horses that are worried about vet or farrier appointments. They have also been a must have for many owners that know there horses don't like fireworks takes the edge of them keeping them calm in these stressful situations. 

Instructions for use-

administer one calming cookie, leave for 30-40 mins then proceed as normal. Last 3-4 hours and can be topped up every 2 hours. Some horses (very nervous every or worriers) benefit from one cookie the night before, one in the morning and one about 45 minutes before the event/ stressful situation. 6 calming cookies can be feed in one day. You can break the cookie into smaller bits if needed. 

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