Smeeth Saddlery boasts a comprehensive range of very high-quality horse bits. We totally understand the difficulty you can face trying to select the most suitable bit for your horse companion, so here at Smeeth Saddlery, we provide a wide variety of horse bits from different materials and sizes. We understand that when selecting a horse bit, there are lots of aspects of your horse's health to consider, including your horse's breed, dental condition and age. Whatever your requirements, Smeeth Saddlery has you covered. Horse bits are used for steering and direction and is held in place by means of reins attached to the bridle.

Due to the variety of horse and pony bits on the market, we supply many different types of bits, customised with their own unique specifications and tailored to the requirements of the horse and rider. Smeeth Saddlery has a variety of driving pelhams and we stock loose ring snaffles and full cheek snaffles for those horses that need a little extra help with their steering, as well as hanging cheek bits to provide slightly more control than normal ring snaffles. We also supply dutch gags and kimbelwicks if those fit your requirements.

Not only that, Smeeth Saddlery have a variety of accessory items including curb chains that comes in a variety of materials - from metal, leather and elastic. Pelham roundings, lip straps and tongue ports to prevent your horse's tongue going over the bit. We have Waterford bits which are great for horses that try to lean on the bit and they come in a variety cheek sides including loose ring, hanging cheek, fulmer cheek and 3 or 4 ring gags.

Our extensive range of horse and pony bits are stocked in a variety of sizes from 3.5" up to 6".

Smeeth Saddlery have a wide range of bits with different metals including stainless steel. sweet iron, copper, also rubber bits and happy mouth flexible mouth bits.

As experts in this industry, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality and durable bits for your horse or pony. If the bit product you're searching for is not in stock or you can't find it, we might have it in stock in our store and may be able to help you. For further assistance please call us on 01945 585998 or email us on Alternatively, you can reach us through our contact page today.

Acavallo Gel Curb Guard Blk


Bevel Bit With Jointed Mouth 521


Blenheim Lip Strap


Brass Alloy Training Bit 629


Cheltenham Gag 561


Chifney Bit 596


Collegiate Lip Strap Brown


Curb Chain Hooks


Double Link Curb Chain


Lorina Flexi Loose Ring Snaffle


Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle 590


Full Cheek Snaffle With Keys


HY Fulmer Loops Brown


Hackamore Curb


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