Can you imagine how irritated your horse must feel when flies and more swarm them? Help them feel more comfortable by investing in one or more of our fly rugs.

Cost-effective, high-quality and comfortable are just a few ways we can describe our distinctive fly rugs. Our range of fly rugs features mesh components, helping to keep flies, dust and midges off of your horse. This range of fly rugs features rugs that cover the body and neck of your horse, which is the best form of rug to use when shielding your horse from flies and more.

These rugs will keep your horse fresh in the summer months, while still being able to graze with ease. These high-quality and reliable fly rugs are a reliable accessory to have on hand when you have a horse.

If you have any queries or questions about the right fly rug for your horse, feel free to contact us on 01945 585998, or you can email us on Make sure your horse is comfortable, even when flies surround them.

Reduce your horse’s irritation by investing in a fly rug!
We also have a wide range of fly masks and fly sprays available.

Gallop Classic Fly Rug


Saxon Fly Rug


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