Here at Smeeth Saddlery we have a comprehensive stock of grooming products for your horses and ponies. No matter if your companion is for riding, show or a personal hobby there are so many benefits to keeping your horse or pony well groomed and maintained. Grooming supports the owner and animal bond, and it is a great way for you to spend time with your 4 legged companion and relax together without having to work them. Grooming also acts as a preventive measure for a variety of health conditions - an effective brushing session increases blood flow to the animal’s skin; while hoof picking is an effective way of preventing painful and often expensive to treat hoof conditions such as thrush. Furthermore, if your horse is a riding horse, cleaning the horse can prevent chafing under areas of tack such as saddles and riding equipment. Therefore it is essential that you have a well stocked grooming arsenal so that your horse or pony are in the best possible condition all year round, and that's where we at Smeeth Saddlery can help.

Not only do we have normal body brushes, dandy brushes, tail brushes, mane combs and hoof picks we also have lots of special grooming products to make your horses look their very best. We stock a good range of the Haas brushes, ultimate groomers, shedding blades, cactus mitts and grooming mitts. If you have little ones who you want to engage in this activity with you, we also supply grooming brushes for children, so you can instill great grooming habits for the next generation of equestrian enthusiasts. We also stock brushes that are dedicated to your particular breed, so whether you have a Chestnut or Gray horse you can be guaranteed that Smeeth Saddlery have the horse and pony grooming equipment you need.

For the maintenance of manes and tails we have the smart tails, solo rakes and combs to give your horses manes and tails the natural pulled look without the hassle of proper pulling. Smeeth Saddlery have a good selection of plaiting products and washing products including all the shampoos, mane and tail conditioners. If you’d like to try something different, we supply hands on grooming mitts, which have a perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms, ensuring that your horse companion that keeps the benefits of grooming whilst keeping your hands and fingers clean and dirt-free.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in our shop to discuss or ask about our products, alternatively call us on 01945 585998 and we’ll be happy to provide expert advice.

Haas Parcour Brush


Haas Diva Brush Black


Haas Fellglanz Bush


Haas Military Women Brush


Haas Cavaliere Brush


Haas Diamond Gloss Brush


Haas Diva Brush Pink


Haas Einhorn Kardatsche Brush


Haas Lipizzaner Brush


Le Mieux Flexi Curry Comb


Le Mieux Flexi Goat Hair Brush


Le Mieux Flex Body Brush


Le Mieux Flexi Sruccing Brush


Le Mieux Tangle tidy brush


Naf Brighter Than White


Rhinegold glitter grooming kit


Supreme Quarter Marking Combs


Top Zop Plaiting comb/clip


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