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Treat your horse to something special with one of our high-quality rugs. We stock a variety of horse rugs that serve different purposes, as we know that they aren’t just for keeping your horse warm. We have heavy rugs to keep your horse warm in the colder months, as well as lightweight fly rugs to keep pesky flies from irritating your horse.
Our selection of horse rugs features fly rugs, stable rugs, travel rugs and turnout rugs. We have rugs suitable for most sizes including petite rugs.
In our horse rug collection, we also have exercise sheets, including fluorescent sheets, which are made from breathable material to make sure that sweat does not build up and cause your horse to become too warm.
Each rug has been made with the comfort and protection of your horse in mind. Here at Smeeth Saddlery, we want every horse to feel protected, secure and comfortable, so hopefully, our selection of rugs can do exactly that.
Take a look through our collection today and see which rug your four-hooved friend would like the best. Be sure to select the right size for your horse before purchasing your rug. If you have any questions or are unsure about which would be best for your horse, feel free to contact us on 01945 585998 or email us on You want your horse to be comfortable and so do we, so do not hesitate to contact us.
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Hy Zeddy Fleece Rug


JHL 250g Stable rug


Arika Clima-Tek Rug


Polite Winter Exersice Rug


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