Riding a horse is a great experience and can be very rewarding; however, there are risks involved. Riding hats help to reduce the risk of serious head injury as they limit the impact of a collision. These riding hats will disperse the force of an impact over an area, which reduces the impact in one specific area.

We stock a wide array of riding hats from Champion, Charles Owen, Gatehouse and Uvex. Our collection also has different types of helmets, including jockey skull helmets, peaked riding hats, and we have a service that involves our trained staff fitting the hat.

Specifically, in our collection, we have Champion Junior Air-Tech, Champion Junior X-Air Plus, Champion Pro skull , Charles Owen ProII, Charles Owen YR8, and Uvex junior and adult hats just to name a few. All our products have been crafted to a high standard and will protect you while riding.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the riding hats in our collection you can contact a member of our team on 01945 585998 or send an email to Our virtual doors are always open to relevant questions as our team is happy to help.

Charles Owen Fian Hat Navy 55 CM


Champion Junior X-Air Plus Skull


Charles Owen YR8 Hat


Junior Air Tech Metalic


Uvex Onyxx Childs Hat


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