After a hard day or training or leisurely roaming the field, your horse deserves to relax and unwind in their stable in comfort. Our stable rugs are designed to keep your horse warm while they are in their stable. These rugs are breathable, which means they allow perspiration to evaporate, adding to the comfort of your horse.

In terms of size and style,  Many of our stable rugs feature adjustable front chest straps, some have detachable neck feature and some even have memory foam wither relief pads that reduce rubbing.

Other features of our rugs include lightweight 100gm stable rugs, medium weight 220gm stable rugs, combo stable rugs, under rugs, heavyweight 300gm and 360gm stable rugs.

If you have any queries or questions about the right stable rug for your horse, feel free to contact us on 01945 585998, or you can email us on

Make sure your horse is comfortable even when they are in their stable.

JHL 250g Stable rug


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