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Rapasorb is our chopped rape straw product that is your secret weapon when trying to solve wet stable issues.

Rapasorb’s amazing absorption is due to our unique chopping process which reveals the highly absorbent inner pith.

Rapasorb is naturally unpalatable for horses on a restricted diet and a great alternative to the more expensive hemp and flax products making it a winner for you and your horse.

Why choose Rapasorb?

Not all rape straw products are the same. When we tested Rapasorb against a competitor brand we found that it is 33% more absorbent
Dust extracted multiple times using our EASY BREATHE™ dust extraction technology to safe guard your horses’s respiratory health
Protects against the dangers of ammonia which is more prevalent for wet horses
Rapasorb is more absorbent than conventional straw products and is also very durable, comfortable, and warm ensuring a happy place for your horse to be
Rape straw is naturally unpalatable so you can be reassured it’s the right bedding for those greedy horses
A natural citrus scent keeps your stable smelling fresh
Rapasorb gives a firm, secure bed and can provide a great stable for horses who may be on the larger side or for those that like to box walk
Rapasorb is made from sustainable rape straw which will degrade between 3-6 months, keeping your muck heap to a minimum
All our products are sourced locally, helping to reduce our carbon footprint
Our packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic are 100% recyclable and reuseable

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