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We created Excel to utilise the advantages of both straw and shavings in the perfect 50/50 mix.

Why choose Excel?

Spreads up to a 1/3 further than an equivalent sized bale of shavings making it very economical over time
Chopped improved wheat straw is durable, easier to manage and safer for horses than traditional long straw which can contain harmful mould and dust that effects your horse’s respiratory tract
With ‘spring-back’ technology, Excel provides the ultimate ‘springy’ bed which cushions and supports joints and hocks, protecting them from damage encouraging your horse to lie down for essential rest
Excel undergoes our multiple dust extraction process, EASY BREATHE™ ideal for horses with respiratory problems
The pleasant lemon fragrance keeps your stable smelling fresh. It is naturally unpalatable to discourage bed eating and helps to repel flies
The high quality soft, small shaving flakes are super absorbent and are effective in absorbing the wet into a small area making it quick and easy to remove
Chopped straw is free draining which allows the wet to be captured underneath, keeping the surface of the bed dry and comfortable and ammonia levels low
Environmentally friendly, Excel biodegrades within 4-8 months meaning waste is kept to a minimum, reducing the size of your muck heap
All our raw materials are sourced locally keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum
Our packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic are 100% recyclable and reuseable

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