Name: Shapleys Show Touch Up Spray White 10oz

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This incredible product covers stains, scars, blemishes and flaws on your horse’s coat. It can also be sprayed in tails to create a fuller appearance. Shapley’s Show Touch Ups are a must have for any horse competing or whenever you want to improve your horse’s appearance. Shapley’s Show Touch Ups are pure colour pigment, NOT paint so they won’t harm the hair. Shapley’s Show Touch Ups are safe and effective to use, they will not wash off in the rain, smear, clump or wipe off. Do not use an oil based product including fly spray over the colour, as it will remove and cause colour to run. Shapley’s Show Touch Ups will wear off your horse’s hair causing no damage. They are easily removed by an oil based product. Shapley’s Show Touch Ups produce a natural look and fee and are available in 8 colours to perfectly match your horse’s coat and are excellent to hide any stains or blemishes.

Simply spray onto your horse’s coat or tail in an even layer. Add colour layer by layer, until it matches the surrounding hair or completely covers the stain. Keep the can about 12 inches from horse as you are spraying. Use a cloth to apply to horse’s head and in the case of white markings cover the surrounding darker hair with towel, tape etc to keep white spray from getting on dark hair. Shapley’s Show Touch Ups are available in 10oz aerosol cans in Black, White, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Chestnut, Sorrel, Palomino, and Grey.

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