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The right training bit for your horse is important and our Shires brass alloy training bit is the perfect product for all training requirements. It serves as a double-jointed bit that works on the bars of the mouth and the tongue, preventing the nutcracker effect and palate action which can occur when using single jointed bits, applying gentle pressure to the horse’s tongue.

The loose ring snaffle is perfect for horses who are often inclined to lean on the rein and the loose rings offer greater movement than a fixed cheek bit, giving the rider more flexibility to move the bit in the horse’s mouth. This will prevent the horse from grabbing hold of the bit or leaning too much. The materials used in this product features a brass alloy to create a more palatable bit. It is also a warmer material for the horse as opposed to stainless steel and it encourages salivation and acceptance from the horse. The copper is also alloyed with brass to create a more durable bit which will prolong its lifespan without affecting comfort for the horse.

For a number of years, our team has been working in the equine world and we carefully handpick all of the products that we supply to our customers, ensuring that we not only provide you with the best quality, but we provide products that are comfortable and kind to your horse too. We are here to meet all of your riding needs and we can offer information, advice or answer any questions that you may have. Just get in touch and we are always willing to answer any questions that you may have about our brass alloy training bit or any one of the other products that we stock.


Brass alloy mouthpiece to help the horse soften.
Great bit for the young/green horses.
Available In: (14mm) 4.5", 5",5.5"

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