Boots and Bandages

Keeping your horse's legs insulated and secure doesn't have to be a difficult task, at Smeeth Saddlery we supply a variety of horse boots and bandages. 

Horse's legs can be prone to injury, especially those who do vigorous exercise. A high-quality horse boot or bandage can help eliminate swellings and keep your companion's legs insulated during cold weather, making them a great injury prevention method so you can avoid having to deal with discomfort further down the road. Boots and bandages offer lower leg support and protection.  At Smeeth Saddlery, we understand that the type of boot or bandage required will vary for every horse and depends on age, level of training and what type of exercise it does. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that Smeeth Saddlery has something in stock to match your requirements.

We have brushing boots in several different options and different colours to match up with your saddle cloths and headcollars. We have cross country boots, tendon boots and overreach boots that come in a selection of colours. At Smeeth Saddlery we stock schooling wraps and turnout socks to keep your horse's legs protected and clean. We have fetlock boots and supportive pastern wraps, hock boots and knee boots. 

Alongside the boots we stock tail bandages and tail bags to help keep your horse's tails neat and clean. Leg bandages are available in fleece and knitted material to keep your horse's legs warm and cosy and clean ready for shows. 

At Smeeth Saddlery, we believe in only supplying high-quality proven and tested boots and bandages tailored for the requirements of your horse. If you can't find what you're looking for online we supply a varied range of boots in store, including but not limited to brushing boots, fetlock boots, tendon boots, overreach boots, travel boots, schooling boots, cross country boots, exercise boots as well as our selection of bandages so please feel free to call us on 01945 585998 or email us on Suzanne@smeethsaddlery. Alternatively, you can contact us through our contact form here.

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