Fly Rugs

Here at Smeeth Saddlery, we offer a range of cheap fly rugs for horses, horse fly rugs are a mesh rug which helps keep the flies, midges and dust off of the horses. Most of these rugs are combination rugs so they cover the horse or ponies body and neck, these are the best fly rugs for horses. Not only do they keep your horse cool in the summer months but it also means that they can graze in style with great brands like Dinky, Saxon and Shires. We have handpicked only the best quality fly rugs to ensure your horse is protected against the elements and keep those pesky bugs at bay. As well as high-performance horse fly rugs for sale we also stock a range of fly masks and nets to ensure total all-round protection for your horse. We also offer a range of stable rugs to provide full protection when needed. So, why not browse our range of fly repellants to ward off those irritating flies.

Dinky fly anti- midge fly rug
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Rhinegold ZEBRA Fly Rug
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