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We specialise in beautifully hand-crafted travel equipment for your horse, which will keep them feeling safe and secure. At Smeeth Saddlery we stock travel equipment you might need for you and your horse. Our extensive range of horse travel equipment includes velvet tail guards. These tail guards are able to cover your horse’s tail in order to stop your horse from scratching or pulling its tail.

Did you know your horse can scratch or rub its tail a lot, which can cause their hair to fall out? Our tail guards prevent your horse from pulling their hair out.

Other horse items in our travel equipment collection include tail bags, tail bandages, tail guards, travel boots and travel bandages. We also have high-quality travel rugs as well as safety tie-up rings. Your horse deserves the best quality equipment that does not irritate them, instead, you want equipment that will make your horse feel comfortable and at ease.

The travel equipment in our collection will first and foremost make your horse feel at ease and will protect them while you and your horse travel.

If you can’t see what you are looking for on our website, please feel free to call our shop on 01945 585998 or email us at

Navy & Gold Velvet Tail Guard
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Navy & Red Velvet Tail Guard
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