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Le Mieux Flexi Body Brush

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Our high-quality grooming equipment, including this Le Mieux Flexi body brush, is essential to have in your stables as you should be maintaining the coat of your horse. When you groom your horse, you are increasing the blood flow to the skin's surface, which will help to maintain a healthy and shiny coat.

This Flexi body brush has a Velcro handle, which makes it fit in your hand perfectly. The flexibility of this brush allows you to brush around your horse's legs and other hard to get parts of your horse's body.

Create a relaxing and bonding experience between you and your horse while cleaning your horse's coat. This grooming body brush is available in different options, including black and goat hair. The goat haired brush has goat hair bristles which makes it the perfect finishing brush to remove dusty dirt that sits on top of the coat.

Make sure you are caring for your horse's coat correctly by investing in this Le Mieux Flexi body brush.

If you can't find the equipment you are looking for on our website, or if you have any questions, feel free to call our shop on 01945 585988 or email us at We are always on hand to help.

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