When it comes to your horse, you should aim to have high-quality equipment that was made to last; however, it doesn’t hurt to wear the colour you love. Luckily for you, we have a collection of items that are not only sturdy, durable and comfortable for your horse; but they are also a beautiful shade of lime.

This lime collection includes items such as club brushing boots and saddles cloths. Our saddlecloths are full size and typically fit between 16.5” to 18” saddles. These saddle cloths allow for natural movement and are breathable, which means your horse will feel comfortable.

Our club brushing boots will protect your horse from knocks or brushing injuries, and the bright lime colour will make them look distinguished on the field.

This lime collection is perfect for any competitive horse or show horse looking to stand out.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our Matchy Matchy lime items in our collection you can contact a member of our team on 01945 585998 or send an email to Our virtual doors are always open to relevant questions as our team is happy to help.

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