Training your miniature horse or pony should be done by an experienced and knowledgeable individual, for the training to be practical and effective. Training equipment will help you immensely when you are training your miniature horse or pony, and we think you should always have them on hand when your horse needs to burn some energy too!

This collection of training equipment includes miniature lunge reins, miniature lunge rollers and side reins, grass rains, cruppers and more. Many of the items in this collection can be adjusted, which means it will fit your pony more comfortably.

We value every horse, miniature horse and pony. All our equipment has been manufactured to a high standard, and this particular collection has been made with training in mind. Our sturdy and durable equipment was made to last. Items in this collection have the comfort of your miniature horse or pony at the forefront of its design.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the miniature horse and pony training items in our collection you can contact a member of our team on 01945 585998 or send an email to Our virtual doors are always open to relevant questions as our team is happy to help.

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