Summer Clothing

Nothing beats riding your horse in the summer. Exploring nature together, basking in the sunlight and riding to new places. You need to make sure you and your horse are properly protected, however, especially on hotter days.

Not only does your horse need to be adequately protected and well cared for, but you also need to wear appropriate clothes. These summer clothing options will not only protect you, but they will also keep you cool while riding in summer as well. Our collection at Smeeth Saddlery features a wide range of summer clothing that will help you stay cool.

Examples of our summer clothing collection include the Aubrion Bayswater light jacket, the Aubrion Broadway show shirt and the Aubrion Ealing softshell gilt. We also have Aubrion Stanmore riding tights and Aubrion Westbourne sleeveless base layer tops in our collection.

All of our products are made from high-quality material and will protect you while you ride. Take a look through our extensive collection today and see what summer clothing catches your eye.

If you can't find the summer clothing you are looking for on our website, or if you have any questions, feel free to call our shop on 01945 585988 or email us at We are always on hand to help.

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