• RS-TOR Rider security aid

RS-TOR Rider security aid

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The award-winning RS-tor (pronounced ‘Arrestor’) allows riders to stay safer in the saddle at any level.

The RS-tor's webbing assembly incorporates two shock absorbers, optimised for your safety.


Simply hook the RS-tor rider safety aid's loops onto your stirrup bars, replacing the stirrup leathers over the top, to complete the transformation. The RS-tor’s rapid action allows instantaneous recovery from potentially dangerous horse riding situations such as falls, spooks, bucks, rears or cat-leaps. 

“I'd lost confidence. All I wanted was to stay in the saddle when the horse ‘acted up’; now I have a good chance of staying there when that happens.” RS-tor user, JC, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer


“If a horse starts to buck, the RS-tor allows you to try and get the horse’s head up, but also keeps you secure.” Sarah Millis, International Dressage Rider

RSTor size – Small (S) - this has a 20cm minimum anchor length, with a 32 cm handle. (Saddle size - 15” to 19”. Your Height - up to 5ft.) This size is aimed at riders shorter than 5'4".


RSTor size – Medium/Large (M/L) - this has a 20cm min anchor length, with a 36cm handle. (Saddle size - 15” to 19”. Your height - Over 5ft.) Size M/L is ideal for riders above 5'4", or people that jump beyond 2'6" and need to stretch further up the neck of the horse without restriction.


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