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Smeeth Saddlery's Locals Favourite Shampoo Brand. 

Tree Tree-

designed to gently comfort the skin as it cleans. gently removing dirt,grease and odours. the tea tree oil is to help soothe and cool as it removes the bacteria. 

Dirty Beastie-

designed to be used on the dirty, thick or matted coats. leaves the coat clean and conditioned. making it manageable, this formula smells like peaches,pear,passion flower and kiwifruit. helping get rid of that horrible wee smell. 

Diamond White- 

designed to help enhance the grey horses or horses with light coats. excellent for removing dirt and grease stains. This shampoo smells like cumuber,passion flower, lemon and lime. 

Deep Black-

Brilliant results on the horses with the darker coats also works well on the white coats, while leaving the coat bright silky and shining ready for any show ring or even just for a good clean. This shampoo smells of peach, pear, passion flower and kiwifruit.

Aloe Smooth-

perfect for the sensitive horses as it cleans the coat extremely gentle while still removing dirt, grease, stains and odours. This shampoo smells of Aloe Vera gel. 

Copper Tones-

perfect shampoo for the Red,Brown and copper coats. leaves the coat looking super shiny while feeling silky. once again like all the shampoos on offer its perfect for everyday use or for the show ring. This shampoo smells like peach, pear, passion flower and kiwifruit. 

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